A Janitor just wants to get home for his son's birthday, but someone has other plans.
Written/Shot/Edited over a 3 day period, about 1-3 hours each day. This was for a film as literature class project, so we had an extremely limited time window.

We apologize for the audio, as we ran into a lot of technical issues when shooting.


Special Thanks to Mr. Mike Hill, Mr. Chase Stanton, Mr. Nathan Bush, and Dianna Zimmerman for all their help with this project!

Shot on a JVC GY-LS300 using a Metabones T Speed Booster XL w/ a Canon 50mm 1.4 and a custom anamorphic filter. Shot at 4K24p and downscaled to 1080p.
Edited with the Adobe Suite, graded with the Magic Bullet Suite.
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